Raw Food Diet on Hippocrates Health Lifestyle

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Perhaps the most important question about the raw food diet that is part of the Hippocrates Health Lifestyle is if it absolutely has to be observed 100% of the time.

Dr. Brian Clement, from the Hippocrates Health Institute, has answered that question conclusively based on 32 years of experience helping hundreds of thousands of people adopt the Hippocrates Health Lifestyle. Plus he has proven this with research using laboratories at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology close to 25 years ago.

When people get turned onto the raw food diet, it turns out very well 100% of the time. But not everyone’s ready to go to the goalpost. And the goalpost is to eat 100% organic, 100% vegan. And at least initially, 100% raw food.

When people are told that they have to be 100% raw the rest of their life, they find it very difficult to accept. To them it seems almost hopeless and impossible. This inspired Dr. Brian Clement to do the research at the MIT laboratories.

And the research showed that after your immune system becomes maximized and strong and healthy you can eat up to 20, 25 % organic, cooked, vegan food without your immune system being compromised.

Now, of course, this is after a person has healed a disease.

We’re not talking about people with cancer or heart disease or diabetes or multiple sclerosis or the many things Dr. Brian Clement works with daily and have for decades. But you can eat a little bit of cooked food.

In 90, 95% of the cases of those dealing with a disease after two years, we can loosen it up and say come on, eat some steamed broccoli, or eat some, millet. That makes a world of difference to people. And it makes the Hippocrates health lifestyle user friendly.

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