PUBG Mobile Will Turn One Year-Old

PUBG mobile is one of the most popular games, ever since it was introduced. It was introduced by Tencet games. It has third person perspective and first person perspective options, which you need to select before entering into the game. PUBG Mobile also posted on social media, on completion of one year. It has been the rated as, best shooting games in the App store and Play store. It has 30 million daily active users and it has hit 200 million downloads, Tencent said in one of the recent interviews.

“One year older means one year cooler,” goes with the saying. They included new additions, which has made the game more interesting. You will see a lobby with attractive themes. The colors are vibrant and bright. Since it has been one year even since it was introduced, the lobby background displayed a logo, saying “1st Anniversary” with the PUBG helmet in between the two words. While the layout remains the same, the theme has been changed to neon ones for a party-themed look. The next screen has lot of steamers, gift packs, decorations, and also a two-tiered 1st anniversary cake.

They have added new additions to the inventory, offering 50 per cent discount on selected items that began from March 8 and will be on till March 14. You can avail 50 per cent discount on items like Kar98K, anniversary parachute, and PUBG premium crate coupon. The Anniversary parachute can be bought at 30 per cent off. While crate coupon and anniversary parachute can be bought at 50 per cent off.

This game has few bugs that are need to be fixed. Tencent games are working on it efficiently and it will be fixed on the next update. They have introduced night mode and zombie mode, which seems to be very interesting for the passionate gamers.

This game is supposed to be the best games in the recent past. Hurry up now and download the PUBG Mobile on your Smartphone and experience one of a kind game on your phone. Thanks for reading! Stay connected to us for more updates!

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