Best Drill Press in 2018?

What does a drill press do?

The drill press enables you to use really large drill bits to bore wider holes. The best part is that you can do this repeatedly and with the exact same precision and size every time. The machine lets you do a variety of tasks safely and securely including: angled drilling; working on elaborately shaped work pieces such as furniture legs; working with a spindle sander for sanding; boring squares and rectangles into a piece of wood; drilling holes into metal for incorporation into wood pieces.

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Types of drill presses

A drill press or drilling machine is commonly found in many modern machine shops. It is a device equipped with a driving tool or cutting tool attachment, typically a driver or drill bit. The power tool is highly useful for cutting holes into a variety of stock or materials. It can also be employed to fasten various workpieces together through fasteners.

Aside from power and capacity, drill presses are categorized under several basic types.

Classified as a light-duty drill press, the upright sensitive drilling machine is typically equipped with a belt-driven spindle head. It is generally employed for doing work of moderate-to-light duty levels. The name of this type of drill press is derived from its capability to be hand fed. The tool is hand fed into the stock to empower the user to get a literal ‘feel’ of the tool’s cutting mechanism. Available in workbench and floor forms, the upright drill press, and all other drill machines, should have a solid build and a stable base to ensure safety for the operator.

An upright drill press is designed for heavy-duty tasks. It typically features a gear-driven spindle head. The upright drill press is utilized for boring large holes on projects with generally larger or heavier elements. This type of drilling machine also enables the user to manually feed or even do automatic feeding of the tool right through the stock. The machine’s power feed system propels the tool deep into the stock. Some upright drill press models are equipped with table height adjustment mechanisms to facilitate tool feeding.

Giving the user the ability to cut angular or intersecting holes in one easy setup, the radial arm drill press can be outfitted with a trunnion table or tilting table, which features a shaft that supports and positions a tilting plate. The radial arm drilling machine can be depended on for heavy-duty hole cutting tasks and is referred to simply as a radial drill press. This type of machine enables effortless positioning of the spindle right over the stock instead of simply raising the workpiece towards the tool. The unique design of this type of drill press provides greater versatility, since it allows the user to work on large parts that can be impossible to position optimally.

A radial drill press delivers power feed on the spindle, along with the automatic mechanism for lowering or raising the radial arm. Mounted on the radial arm is the wheel head, which can be adjusted along the arm to ensure ease of use and greater versatility.

There are also special purpose drilling machines used for a variety of applications. Some models are able to drill 20 holes simultaneously or slice holes as narrow as 0.01 inch.

One example of the special drill machine is the gang style drill press, which features a number of work heads mounted over just one worktable. This model is highly useful when you have to carry out successive hole drilling. The first head may be employed for spot drilling, then the second for tap drilling, then the third used in conjunction with the tapping head to tap a hole. The fourth head can be used to slice out a symmetrical sloping edge or for chamfering.

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